Seeking for different innovations creating synergy

About Us

Debesis Assets

is a global specialist acquirer and manager of distressed asset portfolios in Central Europe. Debesis Capital AG built and retained longstanding relations with international banks and financial institutions requiring sustainable solutions to recover outstanding distressed assets. We are able to fulfil the demands of various investors and stockholders by creating attractive returns.

Relying on Debesis

together we create a stable and trustful basement for your investments guided, protected and managed by an experienced and skilled team of professionals.

We always seek

for different innovations creating synergy by applying it with advanced financial solutions to our projects. For this purpose, we are main located in Zug, Switzerland. It brings us flexibility which is our greatest asset.

"We are focusing on the acquisition and management of non-core and non-performing assets originated by commercial banks and leasing companies, while the back-office functions and collection activities are outsourced."


Our team represented by financial specialists, entrepreneurs and independent investors with cumulative 15 years of experience on the market during all of these years keeps successful tracking record of 600 MEUR portfolio value.

Oleg Gerdt



We strongly believe that the industry is led by skilled people, so being on the edge of financial environment we are always welcome highly motivated specialists with strong professional and educational background.


Industries where our attention mostly concentrated varies from country to country, but basic interest of ours covering Telecommunications, Real estate, Banks and financial institutions, Insurance companies, Retails.


If you feel that the chemistry is in the air please submit your CV through the contact form and we get back to